keskiviikko 2. heinäkuuta 2014

My Internship with Maan ystävät

During 3 months I had the chance to work at the office of Friends of the Earth Finland in Helsinki. With a bit of fear I left my cozy home in Belgium to go and discover ‘the wild North’. I didn’t really have a lot of experience with Friends of the Earth so I knew there was a lot for me to learn. 
Luckily it didn’t take me very long to feel at home here in Helsinki and with FoEF. Right from the start I felt part of a team, a team of great people. I knew that during those next 3 months I would learn a lot and meet a lot of people inside and outside the walls of the beautiful Paulig building. 

So what did actually happen during my internship? Well, I got to be a part of several different subjects. I worked on the Agua Zarca Dam project, which is a very contested dam project in Honduras. I helped with the TTIP demonstration. I was able to go to Tampere for the General Meeting of Maan ystävät. I got to help with the UNESCO problems around the Tasmanian forest. There were countless of meetings about different subjects (like Alternatiba or campaigning) and with different people from other NGO’s or even other countries (like people from Friends of the Earth Mozambique or from Mexico). 

The great thing about this internship is that all these different subjects are interesting. They matter, and it is great to see people work on things they believe in. Every day people are trying to make a change and they take up the fight for a better world. For me this internship was a great experience that I will always look back on with joy and a sense of pride. 
So, as a conlusion to this great experience I would like to say one final thing: Thank you. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. Thank you for letting me be a part of a great organisation with a lot of great people. Thank you. 
Guillaume Vandenhemel
Intern at Friends of the Earth Finland

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